Design Process

All of our efforts in the firm revolve around our established and proven design process. It is with this rigorous process that all information, research, ideas and concepts are filtered to ensure that informed and intelligent decisions are made.


Gather information using academic processes. Areas of focus could be:

Programmatic Needs:

  • Philosophy of Business/Business Model
  • Typology
  • Personal Interactions
  • Spatial relationships


  • Climate
  • Topology
  • Solar Orientation
  • Utilities
  • Zoning Requirements, etc.

Case Studies:

  • Similar typologies
  • Similar scale projects
  • Similar site constraints

Document Information:

Rigorously document and catalog the research information found.

Process Information:

Categorize and study information. Find commonalities and interesting facts within the information

Wave Thinking Design Process:

Develop Concepts: ideas are required (good, bad or indifferent)

Critique Concepts: Rigorously question developed concepts, find holes. Determine which concepts can move forward to the next round.

Develop the Strong Concepts: The concepts/ideas that have passed the previous round should now be expanded upon to enhance make stronger.

Critique Concepts: Again, critique these concepts/ideas to see if there are any weak areas to them.

Selection/Move Forward: Make corrections to concepts/ideas

and implement.

Action: Take action (expound?, no, just do it!)