Village Square Shopping Center Renovation

Pugsley. Simpson. Coulter. Architects was hired to revive the existing Village Square Shopping Center located in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada. The retail complex is in a prime location, but in recent years, the facility has become a backdrop building lacking the ability to draw in new tenants and customers. The design focuses on creating a new energy and sense of place that becomes a DESERT DESTINATION for the Valley residents.

The sidewalks were increased to create a walkable promenade connecting various plazas throughout the site. Each plaza design will consist of user amenities such as outdoor seating, shade canopies, children’s play features, fireplaces, and technology nodes. Each plaza draws inspiration from natural features within the Mojave Desert such as Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and Mount Charleston. For instance, the Mount Charleston Plaza features a snow making machine within an LED light field that creates a dynamic animated space that is sure to draw people to the retail center at night and during the hot summer months. The landscape, hardscape, and furniture elements similarly draw inspiration from the surrounding desert.

Along with creating a walkable outdoor mall, PSC Architects looked at redesigning the parking lot to create quadrants that could be closed off for various events such as car shows, farmer markets, craft fairs, and concerts. Beyond the improved site amenities, the existing building facades are contemporized through the use of new materials, paint, custom canopy elements, lighting and signage. The canopies are organic in form to mimic the surrounding mountains and ocotillo plant material. Gabion walls are used to define paths and create a desert “urban edge” for the retail center. All the elements work together to rejuvenate the complex and create a new sense of excitement.