UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law

Pugsley. Simpson. Coulter. Architects transformed two existing buildings in the center of the UNLV campus into the William S. Boyd School of Law and the University President and Administration Offices. Two curtain walls sweep across the existing facades, tying the buildings together and forming a common entry courtyard. The new two-story lobby at the law school serves tiered classrooms, courtrooms, and a community law clinic at the 1st floor and administrative and student areas at the 2nd floor. The main law library located on the 3rd floor is connected to additional collection areas at the northern building via a renovated footbridge. Our design took advantage of the volume of the existing dome and introduced natural light through a central, ocular skylight, providing an open, well-lit environment for study. Recently, our firm was commissioned to further renovate the James E. Rogers Center for Administration & Justice by creating additional square footage to the northwest and improving the entry courtyard to accommodate additional departments.