Stephanie Village – 17th and Vine

Stephanie Village (also referred to as 17th & Vine) is a mixed-use facility containing 283,000 sf of Retail and Commercial, 522,000 sf of Residential, a 6,000 sf Clubhouse, 11,000 sf of pads, 18,000 sf of Office space, and approximately 880 parking spaces in 301,400 sf of parking garages for the entire development.

Although this type of project is not unique to the Henderson and Las Vegas areas, the scale is unprecedented. This project aims to attract people from all walks of life. The retail portion will contain unique shops catering to the shopping public while the commercial portion will house some of the more innovative businesses in the Las Vegas Valley. The residential portion focuses on creating a comfortable living environment. Together, all elements of the program are designed to develop a livable and walkable “urban” community.