PK-12 Education Overview

Simpson Coulter Studio has been designing and constructing schools in Clark County, Nevada for over 25 years. What sets us apart is the fact that our team has the unprecedented experience of over 100 education projects, both new construction and renovations. We firmly believe that school facilities have the ability to inspire and motivate students as they are concrete examples of the importance a community places on education.



Las Vegas Day School
Center for Community

Elementary School (New Construction):
Joseph L. Bowler E.S.
Richard H. Bryan E.S.
Roberta Curry Cartwright E.S.
Edith Garehime E.S.
Daniel Goldfarb E.S.
Karen W. & Keith C. Hayes E.S.
Frank Lamping E.S.
Las Vegas Day School
Renaldo Martinez E.S. & Health Facility
Southern Highlands Prep School (Kinder & Elementary)
Shirley & Bill Wallin E.S.
Elizabeth Willhelm E.S.

Elementary School (Addition-Remodel):
Less Antonello E.S.
Rex Bell E.S.
Kit Carson E.S.
Halle Hewetson E.S.
Matt Kelly E.S.
Madison E.S.

Elementary School (Modernization):
O.K. Adcock E.S.
K.R. Booker E.S.
D. Hancock E.S.
Fay Herron E.S.
J. Mackey E.S.
JM Ullom E.S.
Rose Warren E.S.
Fredric W. Watson E.S.

Middle School (New Construction):
Dr. William H. Bailey M.S.
Ernest Becker M.S.
Ralph Caldwallader M.S.
Lawrence & Heidi Canarelli M.S.
Franci H. Cortney M.S.
Brian & Teri Cram M.S.
Edmundo “Eddie” Escobedo Sr. M.S.
Wilbur & Theresa Faiss M.S.
Victoria Feritta M.S.
Cliffard O. Findlay M.S.
Barbara & Hank Greenspun M.S.
Kathleen & Tim Harney M.S.
Walker Johnson J.H.
Carroll M. Johnston M.S.
Duane D. Keller M.S.
Clifford J. Lawrence M.S.
Las Vegas Day School
Justice Myron Leavitt M.S.
Lied M.S.
Jerome D. Mack M.S.
Jack & Terry Mannion M.S.
Roy W. Martin M.S. (Replacement)
Bob Miller M.S.
Irwin A. & Susan Molasky J.H.
Mario C. & JoAnne Monaco M.S.
Mike O’Callaghan M.S.
Sid Rogich M.S.
Anthony Saville M.S.
Grant Sawyer M.S.
Jack Lund Schofield M.S.
Marvin M. Sedway M.S.
Charles Silvestri J.H.
Southern Highlands Prep School
Theron L. Swainston M.S.
Del E. Webb M.S.
Charles I. West M.S.
Thruman White M.S.

Middle School (Expansion & Modernization):
Ernest Becker M.S.
Grant Sawyer M.S.
H Harold Brinley M.S.

High School (New Construction):
Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy
West Career & Technical Academy
Southwest Career & Technical Academy
Southeast Career & Technical Academy
Title IX Concession Stands (28 High Schools)

High School (Additions & Renovations):
Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing & Visual Arts
Valley High School
Tuacahn Center for Performing Arts
Southeast Career & Technical Academy Ball Fields & Concession Stand