McCarran International Airport Rotunda Renovation

The Rotunda at McCarran International Airport is arguably the only historically significant component left of the rapidly growing airport. It was designed before its world renown precedent, yet contemporary, TWA terminal at JFK Airport which was complete in 1962.

With its soaring concrete shells and window walls, the space and forms express the spirit of air travel, especially avant-garde 50’s and 60’s expressions of air travel. When faced with the need for enhancing the space, MIA embraced a scheme in tune with the powerful architecture. With the removal of modifications from a previous remodeling, the shells again strongly express the structural/sculptural nature of their three components. The space between the three double curved shells is a light filled void, similar to what was intended in the original design. A floating double curved perforated aluminum ceiling hangs a few feet under each section to provide the proscribed acoustical enhancement and high level of maintainability. These floating elements are as contemporary in character as the original shells were in their time, though the new ceilings are sized and detailed to distinguish the time, space and architecture they honor.