Lotus Studio Addition

Lotus Broadcasting Studios occupies a small corner lot on the West side of the Las Vegas Valley, its backdrop, the breathtaking Red Rock Mountains and their foothills.  Like many projects in today’s highly competitive business world, the tight budget became a design constraint for the modest 14,000 sq. ft. building that would house five radio studios, two production studios, editing booths,  twelve sales offices, a conference room, a break room, and all of the support spaces that are essential to making a radio station operate.

“Simplicity is Beauty” became the initial design directive.  It is designed around the principle that architecture should be an extension of its site.  The Lotus Broadcasting Studios “speaks” to the  Red Rock Mountains by offering them a monolithic single story warehouse space that houses the open-office atmosphere of the sales offices.  The Studios, on the other hand, are placed towards the front of the site at an angle that links the “lines of communication” with the visible City Center of Downtown Las Vegas.  The visitor is led into the building by a dominant one inch thick cmu wall.  The lobby space, vaulted to expose the structure and mechanical systems, expresses an atmosphere of technology that the visitor is invited to witness.