Library Overview

Our passion at Pugsley. Simpson. Coulter. Architects is education; and one fundamental way to educate all ages of the community is through the resources of public libraries. We have designed, constructed, and renovated libraries across the western and southwestern United States for the last 20 years. Our vision of libraries extends beyond that of a mere container for books; we see libraries as interactive community hubs that educate and invigorate through a variety of media and activities.

New Construction
Foothills Public Library
Fresno Central Public Library
Sunrise Public Library
Las Vegas Day School Library
UNLV Lied Library
Wellton Public Library
West Charleston Public Library

Additions and Renovations
Clark County Public Library
Las Vegas Public Library
Moapa Valley Public Library
Mt. Charleston Public Library
Spring Valley Public Library
Summerlin Public Library
UNLV Lied Library Administrative Offices
UNLV Lied Library Extended Study
UNLV Lied Library Learning Center
UNLV Lied Library Lighting
West Las Vegas Library
West Las Vegas Library and Theater