Las Vegas Day School Gym & Athletic Field

The Las Vegas Day School was founded in 1961, becoming the first nonsectarian, non-denominational private school established in the state of Nevada. In 2000, the design team developed a master plan to replace the existing the campus over the course of several years. Through sustainable design and collaboration with the owner, the design team was able to double the school’s square footage while simultaneously decreasing energy consumption by half.

As the 6th and final phase of the master plan, the soon-to-be realized gymnasium and athletic field reflect the identity of the entire school. Colors unique to each grade level are combined to represent the gym’s function as a gathering and event space for all students. The standing seam metal roof slopes across the gym, returning into the lower roof to create a concealed mechanical well. The lobby of the gymnasium features a polished terrazzo floor, stainless steel trophy cases, and a honed CMU wall that screens the main restrooms and serves as a focal point for the entry.

The gymnasium itself contains a high school regulation-sized basketball court, two side courts, and volleyball courts. Ribbons of translucent clerestories and a series of large, north-facing dormer-style windows provide daylight without casting glare on the court floor. An existing turf field will be replaced with synthetic turf to reduce water usage.