Las Vegas Convention Center

Pugsley. Simpson. Coulter. Architects was a member of the project team for the expansion and renovation of the Las Vegas Convention Center, providing architectural services. HNTB is the Master Architect for the project, responsible for full architectural design services, including preparation of a building program and master plan, architectural and interior design, and structural engineering for the $890-million enhancement project.

There are four major space types composing the interior of the convention facility: the grand lobby (connector), concourses, meeting rooms and ancillary spaces. The grand lobby links the main entrance, taxi drop-off, monorail connector, pedestrian bridge and all the major concourses in the facility. It serves as both a collector and distribution center for people arriving at the convention center.

Concourses, exhibit halls and meeting rooms are clustered together and assigned a color and a letter. These colors are deployed throughout the finish palette to zone the building and reinforce passive wayfinding. These colors also serve as accents to the primarily neutral color palette. The walls, ceilings and floors are varied in shape, modulation, articulation, surface and color.

There are three major classifications of finish types for the convention center, and a required common denominator among all of them is durability and maintainability. The areas accessible to event attendees must appropriately reinforce the industry standards for commonly held expectations in the industry regarding quality service delivery, business climate and hospitality.

The planning process for this complex project involved an extensive outreach program to operating staff, users and service providers.