Athleticare Physical Therapy (Integrity Office)

Integrity Engineering office building is a 6640 s.f. facility located adjacent to Eastern Avenue, a major surface arterial connecting central Las Vegas to the north with the masterplanned developments of Seven Hills and Anthem to the south.

The client’s mandates were simple – he wanted a building that used daylight as the primary means of light, the use of permanent materials, company identity along Eastern Avenue, and exposed structure in the studio.

Due to site constraints an existing site masterplan, dictated by the nearby residences and the local town board, forced the building to be oriented in a north-south direction. The challenge was to develop a building that utilized daylight as the dominant light source during the day while minimizing solar heat gain. This was accomplished by allowing light in from north and south facing clerestories and windows, while the east and west elevations maintained minimal amounts of openings. The clerestories were created by sloping and bending the roof forms over the lobby and studio areas while the east and west walls remained essentially in a single plane.

The heat gain was minimized by using insulated concrete panels along the east and west elevations. This not only gave the vertical shell of the building a high R-value but allowed for exposed stained concrete on both the exterior and interior sides of the walls.

Function dictates change of form and material. As a response to the constraints of the site, the elevations were treated much like a bas-relief, the most subtle of plane changes were exaggerated with variations in material and form thus allowing texture and shadow to accentuate the massing. This massing also reflects the different internal zones of the building; administration, lobby, studio and offices.