Fresno Central Public Library

Pugsley. Simpson. Coulter. Architects, along with the local Fresno firm DSJ, were tasked to program and design the new 310,000 s.f.  Fresno Central Public Library.  The new building will be situated on a typical size city block containing:
•  300 on-site parking spaces
•  public courtyard
•  200 seat auditorium
•  children’s and teen’s areas
and many other functions that a typical public library offers.

As part of the programming and site analysis, the architects were asked to analyze three downtown Fresno sites to determine the most appropriate for the library and for the city.  Having studied the sites, the library and design team chose a site to be further developed as programming neared completion.

The client asked that the library implement the latest in library technology. To that end, one of the many mechanized systems being considered for this new library is an automated sorting system, similar in scope to the one in the Seattle Public Library’s main branch.  This, along with the many other new technologies available, will place the Fresno Central Public Library at the forefront of large scale public libraries.

Our design team worked with Kathy Page, programming expert, during the programming phase of this project.