El Cortez Hotel & Casino Suites

Las Vegas is the land of sin, so why try to hide it?  We are a town built around gambling, drinking, and sex appeal.  Tourists come here to escape mundane habits and locals similarly create “stay-cations.” The Sleek, SEXY, Suite Sweet creates an atmosphere abound with opportunity to tap into your wild side.

The El Cortez Hotel & Casino has been an icon of downtown Las Vegas for over 70 years.  The ultra-modern design of the “Sweet Suite” will bring a new vibe to the downtown hotel scene, with the El Cortez, once again, leading the way.

As you enter the suite, the color palette instantly invokes sex appeal to get your heart pumping.  Dark gray tones set the mood, while a passionate red draws you in.  The dramatic contemporary furniture by HStudio, sourced at the World Market Center becomes experiential sculpture, or can stand alone as a focal point.  The furniture is stylistically simple, but the glossy vinyl and plush upholstery reinforces the overall concept.  Flexible ottoman seating is used throughout the suite to keep up with the ever-changing activity.

Soft curvilinear sheer drapery, an arching bar, and the sensuous painted plywood soffit ceiling invite you towards the Ribbed Wall form and bedroom beyond.  Soft curves provide sensual elements set against the newly constructed rigid Ribbed Wall (for your pleasure).  The wall creates a definite separation between the living (party area) and the bedroom’s playground of desire (after party).  The end of the Wall penetrates the red circular carpet accent with a panelized sheer curtain which allows for semi-private pockets of interaction.  Strategically placed openings in the Ribbed Wall allow for voyeuristic glimpses into the bedroom area—to see in and to be seen.  The openings have translucent patterned panels to mask the deeds beyond.  This is no place for rest… this is a place for exploring your hidden desires.