Costello Office

Costello Office is a new type of office space. Its goal is to blend the practical programming aspects of office spaces and a conference room with the unique understanding that these spaces will also function as a lounge, lobby, kitchen, and storage while keeping with the unique aesthetic the client desired.

Close, clear and constant communication between the client, the interior designer, and construction manager helped to solve many of the problems as they came up. This constant dialogue helped the entire project team to understand the wants and needs of the client, and integrate them through construction methods and detailing to maintain the overall aesthetic of the space.

The challenge of the desired aesthetic was to take the sport of fishing and translate that into a sophisticated space that referenced various elements of the sport and its surroundings. It also needed to functionally provide the flexibility the client desired. The ideas of movement, layering, and translucency are shown in numerous aspects of the space. Materials and applications were chosen for qualities shared with those found in nature. Five ottomans were provided as flexible seating for the entire space depending on the changing needs of each room. In the main office, a modular sofa provides seating which can be reconfigured as needed. Nine foot high sliding glass doors provide a main art piece for the space as you enter, but can also slide apart to enclose the main office if privacy is desired. These things together solved the functional requirements of the client while bringing reminders of the sport into his everyday work life.